The tricks to help you secure your dream home in Bristol or North Somerset.

The tricks to help you secure your dream home in Bristol or North Somerset.


With Christmas not far off, many homeowners in Bristol and buyers will now be readying themselves for the new year, new home surge that will inevitably see high demand and interest levels across the UK and Bristol.


Having spent one last Christmas at home, many people make the decision to buy shortly after the festivities have calmed down, which helps explain why website traffic to sites such as Rightmove see such phenomenal figures.


After Christmas Day in 2019, Rightmove reported a 231% surge in visitors looking at available properties for sale.


If you are buying in Bristol or North Somerset, it's very likely you'll be competing for properties in January and February, as stock will gradually build up but not at the same rate as interested would-be homebuyers.


How can you make yourself the ideal buyer?


Having your finances sorted will put you in good stead with any seller, whether that is as a cash buyer or with an approved mortgage and lender behind you.


Property chains can be very fragile, so leaving things until the last minute or causing delays by not having the proper paperwork could lead to your sale or purchase falling through.


If you're proactive in your search, you'll also be better informed about local market conditions in Bristol and North Somerset.


Your agent will be able to fill in most of the blanks, but having a good idea of how prices compare against each other will ensure you make sensible decisions and don't overvalue a property.


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