The paint colours that could decrease the value of your home

The paint colours that could decrease the value of your home


Smartening up a room in your Bristol property is a great idea to attract prospective buyers, but certain paint colours could put a negative effect on the value of your Bristol home, potentially decreasing its value.


The use of trendy colours can date a property and be costly to update. So, what are the key colours that experts would suggest avoiding?


Dark brown

Darker paints can produce a bold and rich feeling, however, when this comes into contact with wooden furniture, there's the possibility that this will create an odd and jarring look for the room.


Citrus green

Whilst a bold contrast might suit your own tastes, there's a high chance that viewers will struggle to visualise the space as their own.


Bright yellow 

Despite its positive connotations, overuse of yellow can be overwhelming, especially where used heavily in a small space.


Bold black

This colour often comes across as daring, dramatic, and striking.


While it can lift a wall in an instant, research suggests it can make a front door appear uninviting.


Instead, a medium to dark grey with a white trim would give the same powerful impact without being overpowering.


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